Ute Lake and Logan New Mexico Properties
At Logan and Ute Lake we continue to list and sell more homes than any other agency in the area. Whether you're looking for lakefront and resort homes or a hunting/cattle operation ranch, we have what you need at ULPP. As the Number One sellers in the area, we put our money where our mouth is - we continue to be involved in making Ute Lake and Logan, New Mexico a better place to live and a great place to enjoy your family for a lifetime or for a weekend. We do this by being active in our community, helping with school activities and working on issues that affect Ute Lake and Quay County. Call us and let us show you what it is like to be a member of the Ute Lake and Logan community. We'll help you find your New Mexico lakefront lifestyle today!

Ute Lake and Logan's best properties

PO Box 98
919 Martinez
Logan, NM 88426
(575) 487-2UTE (2883) ulpp@plateautel.net

We continue to be Logan and Ute Lake's Number One sales and listing agency. Resort and lakefront property at Ute Lake is our specialty. Looking for land? Maybe a ranch or investment property? We have those as well.
Whether your buying or selling a single-family residence, lakefront home, farm, ranch or income property within the Ute Lake and Logan, NM area, in both Quay and Harding Counties, we are the go-to agency.
We know how to sell. Our brokers offer a unique mixture of knowledge and hometown interest in what's happening here. We're available seven days a week. See something listed by someone else that catches your eye? Give us a call - we co-broke with all local agencies, and we stay current on everything that's listed in town, as well as what's recently sold.
We serve our community in various volunteer and elected positions. We are now and have always been committed to what's best for Logan and Ute Lake.
Choose a brokerage that knows and cares about Logan and Ute Lake. Choose a brokerage that SELLS!

If you have property to sell, give us a call to discuss your options. We continue to be the NUMBER ONE selling agency in Logan and at Ute Lake. We'll help you calculate your home's current market value. Simply choose Market Analysis and fill out the requested information. Using comparable sold listings, we'll help you calculate the fair market value of your home. Our job is to price your home to sell for the highest, but most realistic price possible.

Searching for the perfect property at Ute Lake or in Logan? Call us with your "dream list" and we'll search ALL the local listings and find homes that match your criteria. We'll notify you immediately when new listings appear that fit your needs. Simply choose Dream Home Finder and fill in the requested information. Or, search for yourself at Search For Homes.

The brokers at ULPP are New Mexico natives who were raised in Logan, NM. We grew up playing basketball, skiing at Ute Lake, going to local churches and riding in fast boats around Horseshoe Bend. We are committed to the community and serve on various local service organizations. We know and love the area, and we're anxious to share our fresh perspective with you. Finally, we use a team approach. Every listing and sale is shared within the team. Our only goal is your satisfaction as either a Buyer or Seller.